Going Fragile 1 & 2 and SummaSkool


Going Fragile 1. BASSO, Berlin, January 18 - 22. 2010


Going Fragile 2. The School of Walls and Space, Copenhagen, November 22 - 26. 2010


SummaSkool. Studio 13, London, September 12 - 17. 2011



Three workshops developed by Anthony Davies, Nils Norman and Howard Slater together with the students of Walls and Space and other participating students from art schools in Germany and Austria, plus invited guests.


The workshops investigated ideas around methods of group therapy, early feminist discussion groups, poetry and politics. Various workshop strategies were explored, taking inspiration from past art school experiments in learning - leading to SummaSkool. A week-long workshop in London developed in collaboration with Iain Boal - towards a future curriculum and a self-organised independent study program in London.

SummaSkool. Studio 13, London

SummaSkool. Outdoor reading group, London

Going Fragile 2. Walls and Space, Copenhagen

Going Fragile 2. Walls and Space, Copenhagen

SummaSkool. Reader cover

Going Fragile 2. Mini-reader cover

Going Fragile 1. Reader cover