Situationist related archive material from the CIRA archive, Lausanne, Switzerland


Nils Norman has been exploring a variety of experimental approaches to art education at graduate and post graduate level in collaboration with friends and students since 1999. Building upon ideas from a variety of writers, educationalists and projects that foreground student-led learning. Inspirations include bell hooks, Colin Ward, Paolo Freire, Augusto Boal, Paul Goodman, the Free University Movement and early feminist methods of speaking and learning.


In recent years insurgent programs - summer schools, teaching cooperatives, free schools and transgressive and critical pedagogical methods have arisen in opposition to the privatization and general shift in education towards a sausage-factory model of education and corporate style campuses. These projects have been developed within and are informed by these valuable attempts to rethink teaching and question the "no alternative" rhetoric of neo-liberal policies in education and beyond.

Streetwork: The Exploding School. Anthony Fyson and Colin Ward

Dan Wang's neighbourhood tour, Woodlawn, Chicago, 2005

Mapping gentrification in Geneva, the CCC, Switzerland