Proposal 10

, 1998


Proposal 10. Generali Foundation, Wiedner Hauptstrasse 15, 1040 Vienna, Austria. 1998


Proposal 10 makes provision for the radical redevelopment of the Generali Foundation, Vienna. Consisting of various architectural, bureaucratic, environmental and psychological interventions. Balancing the needs of the Generali insurance group while developing processes for the realisation of the Foundation's ‘autonomy’.


The proposed development recommended the Generali Foundation stop its sponsorship of the visual arts immediately, auction off its entire collection, change its name to: The Generali Model Micro-Farm and Socius/Psyche Urban Machine for Affirmative Alternative Practices or The Generali Multiple Exchange Machine and using its central yet low-key building and existing staff to develop and nurture three intra-disciplinary, site sensitive ecologies and their desegregation into a wider social field.


Ecology A. Permaculture Micro Farm. Local food production, roof farm, composting, solar and water harvesting, mushroom farm, fish farming, hydroponics.


Ecology B. Experimental Light Psychiatric Facility (based on La Borde clinic in France). Compulsory for all staff and Generali executives.


Ecology C. Local Economic Trading System. Central registry, office furniture recycling store, civil disobedience architecture archive, indoor environmental activist training centre.





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