Ruins and Monuments

, 2008

Ruins and Monuments. 2008


Ruins and Monuments was a new commission by Nils Norman for aspex, Portsmouth. The project addressed the city's urban landscape, exploring the changing nature of public space, city design and the challenges of urban ecology.


The exhibition was both in the gallery and off-site and included models, sculptures, the reconstruction of an urban planner's office who had gone insane, a redesigned bus shelter and digital drawings. Central to the exhibition was a large scale model of the Tricorn Centre – a much hated brutalist masterpiece from the mid-60s by the architects Owen Luder and Rodney Gordon, demolished in 2004.

The exhibition was accompanied by a series of poster works in bus shelters around Portsmouth and a permanent mural for Gunwharf Quay’s pedestrian subway.


Ruins and Monuments, aspex, Portsmouth, UK. 2008