Utopia Intro

Utopia is an ongoing field that Nils Norman has been exploring in his art projects, writing, teaching, presentations and collaborations. 


Seen primarily as a critical tool - where Utopia is used in a variety of ways to critique existing conditions - alternatives are now more urgent than ever. Now that the - There Is No Alternative (TINA), rhetoric of neoliberal ideology, where everything must be privatised, is increasing in strength - the shared learning of alternative economies, agriculture, collective organising and gender relations is crucial.


Utopia inspired art projects


Ode to Charles Fourier. Towards a Phalanstery for Manchester, 2011

Ideal City, 2007

Fantasy Piccadilly Line, 2006

Thurrock 2015, 2004

Kmart Proposal, 2003

Proposed Redevelopment of the Oval, Hackney E2, London, 2003

The Edible Playscape, Bristol, 2001

Geocruiser, 2001

Geocruiser Models, 2000

Proposal 15, 2000

Aquacruiser, 2000

Proposal 14, 1999

The Cruel Dialectic: Decay and Opportunity, 1999

Proposal 10, 1998

The Four Walls Micro Farm, Brooklyn, NY, 1997

Tompkins Square Park Monument to Civil Disobedience, 1997


Utopia inspired collaborative projects


Edible Park with Permacultuur Centrum Den Haag, 2010

Ecology/Art Expedition Survey: Phase 1. With Scott and Ene Constable, 2002



Fountain of Youth, Miniature from De Sphaera, Biblioteca Estense, Modena

Life magazine, 1969